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7th March 2012

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Tagged: grimmnick burkhardtmy gifs1.12request fromMCgoddamnit nick why couldn't you swing it properly just ONCEso i could gif itFINE BE THAT WAY WITH YOUR TIGHT JEANS AND STUPID THIGHShit me with your rhythm stick

26th February 2012

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Tagged: grimmnick burkhardtjust monroejuliette silvertonmy gifs1.121.041.10THREE MAN WOLF PACKJuliette is the pack alphaugh juliette in 1.12i still feel so awfulJUST TELL HERgdi i just want you all to be happyPUPPY PILEjuliette>nick<monroelook at all their faces ;__;next week is gonna kill me

25th February 2012

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Tagged: grimmnick burkhardtjust monroemy gifs1.12i just really love their faces okayand them hanging out in the trailerand how much of a fanboy monroe isTRUSTwhy hasn't anyone filled the trailer porn prompt yet

25th February 2012

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Tagged: grimmnick burkhardtjust monroemy gifs1.12kdjfhsdkfjsI CAN'TFIGHTING BACK TO BACKNICK IS SO SHORT BE STILL MY HEIGHT KINKnick is a munchkin catvomiting rainbows and rolling in feelingssend help

11th February 2012

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Still downloading tonight’s ep so it’ll be a bit before gifs etc, but omfg NEXT WEEK IS THE FIGHT CLUB EPISODE. I have been waiting for this since I first heard about it, and it looks AMAZING. 

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